Well-known more than a quarter Century with experience all along 36 years since 1982..

Şanlıurfa wherein the meat is tendered by kneading with bulgur without using flame and heat. Şanlıurfa having starry nights inheriting somber songs born through thorax burn by çiğköfte prepared for wedding ceremonies. Şanlıurfa having Cultural Mosaic on the cradle of civilizations of one of the eldestsettlement. Having art of presenting foods & beverages on the basis of traditional respecting elders, loving youngsters during those wedding ceremonies. And the brothers baked by such culture have ideally decided to renovate the traditional Orient Cuisine coming from Birecik, Şanlıurfa against to giant ventured famous fast food restaurants. Now ZiyaŞarkSofrası recalled by the name of Kebap proudly since 1982.

Our restaurants located in Fatih, Florya, Dudullu, Kavacık, Koşuyolu and Sirkeci were open one by one with the motivation like in first days and proudly proceeding on the basis of experiences developed by more than a quarter century to open new restaurants by using strong company structure of ZiyaŞarkSofrası within Turkish Republic and around Globe. Today ZiyaŞarkSofrası is representing The Kebap Culture successfully in those seven tasteful corners to serve the qualified products for the customers by applying many new innovations in the market.


To be a leading commercial entity by its quality and professionalism with optimum price policy applied in the restaurants market within our country and seeking some other cuisine cultures


ZiyaŞarkSofrası Restaurants targeting to be representative of Traditional Turkish Cuisine and to form its future by applying modern gourmet technics bravely. Our principal is to introduce Our Cuisine as a cultural treasure to Turkish People particularly as well as to present Turkish Cuisine to other nations and other cultures as deserved.

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