Osmangazi Korusu Dudullu / Ümraniye - İstanbul
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Do you want to spend all day with your family and your friends?

Don’t you want to inhale clean air on a hill surrounded by pine trees and look at the city suffocating you? Then Dudullu Restaurant awaiting you. You will recall the uniqueness of the location when you reached to the hill. You can park your car on a huge parking lot. Then hand in hand with your family members or friends, you can gaze onto big city Istanbul covering the horizon after pacing over stone payments. You can buy cotton candy sold on special cotton candy cart to your kids. Your kids can enjoy the wooden bridge over a pond having ducks and goose wandering while they are tasting their candy. You can rest little bit in a pergola located in the middle of the pond before sitting your table in the restaurant.

You can feed your mood by the detailed classical decoration inherited from our ancestors after choosing your original dishes from Classical Turkish Cuisine and tell about both taste to your friends. We recommend you be quick while examining the details of the decoration because of our fast delivery for your orders. And even you can’t find time to boast the delicacy of Turkish Cuisine and its variety because the scent of the dishes will attract your guests rather than listening to you.

Since the dishes will introduce themselves well, you may not need to mention about them. You can spend your time with your kids on the playground after finishing your dishes if you like. Or you can pass the cafeteria before playing on playground. The choice is yours. You will not recognize how time past fast. You can suddenly find yourself by watching sunset.

Reflection of artificial lights rippled on the surface of the pond. If the kids complain about not to leave when you decided so, just tell them that “we will come back again” to convince them happily.

We are at service with a Cafeteria having capacity of 250 customers during winter, 650 customers during summer time for your wedding, engagement and circumcising events even for the orchestra performing in such events beside a Restaurant designed in details having capacity of 500 customers for your private meetings and business events.

ZiyaŞarkSofrası Restaurant at Dudullu is at service on a compound having 27,000 m2. We are happy and proudly celebrating our 15th tasteful anniversary at service for your valuable guests in Dudullu Restaurant.

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